Mark Grossman

Mark is a technology lawyer, negotiator, commentator, public speaker and author.  He is a problem solver and is a part of a larger team at his New York based law firm.  His clients and negotiations have spanned the globe.

Mark and his team (with special mention to Mark’s long-term business partner Tate Stickles [link to tates bio]) are sought after leaders in negotiating agreements that involve technology, licensing, software as a service (“SaaS”), the internet and outsourcing for clients throughout the US and internationally.  We handle the same types of deals as the largest law firms in the world.  We bring the abilities of the large firm with the many advantages of a smaller firm with a narrow practice focus.  We solve business problems and our philosophy is that the legal tail should not wag the business dog. 

We look at deals as lawyers but with a business oriented focus.  As we negotiate, we are always judging risk to the enterprise so we do not get lost in discussions that are meaningless to our clients.  Our focus is getting your deal done on time while protecting our clients from undue risk and provisions that are not the norm in the industry.  

We believe that a “fair deal” is not a gift.  Rather, you have to negotiate for it.