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YOU Can Be the Best Negotiator in the Room; Every Great Leader is a Great Negotiator

A senior executive's ability to negotiate is in many ways the most important skill an executive can have. In this session, lawyer, author and keynote speaker on negotiating skills Mark Grossman will give you the benefit of what he learned in his 30 plus years as a negotiator.

Among the many things that Mark will discuss:

  • The importance of knowing your BATNA - Best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • Why listening is an important negotiating skill
  • Handling bullies
  • How to handle negotiating in foreign countries
  • How to use the mere passage of time to your advantage
  • How to get the other side to reveal their unspoken agenda
  • How you can trade items that are unimportant to you to gain important concessions
  • How to strategically use escalations to gain concessions
  • He who drafts sets the agenda
  • Email negotiations
  • How to use "authority" strategically
  • The importance of the back channel
  • Negotiating the precise contract language
  • An important takeaway in team negotiating strategy from Marlon Brando in "The Godfather"


45 to 90 minute keynote or 45 - 120 minute breakout. When I do this session in a breakout setting, I add interactive elements that are not appropriate in a large keynote setting.

Target audience:

Senior leadership meetings (C-Suite and other senior leadership)

Technology leadership meetings (CIOs and other senior technology leaders)

Business meetings focused on increasing profits or professional self-improvement (Perfect for any business association annual meeting)

Procurement and legal department meetings and training

The audience will leave with:

Substantive knowledge that will make them better negotiators and better leaders

Increased confidence in their negotiating abilities

The feeling that they acquired real knowledge during an entertaining & high energy talk by a world class speaker

Mitigating Risk in the Cloud – Negotiating the Provisions Required in Every SaaS & Cloud Deal

Large enterprises and even the Global 100 are becoming increasingly comfortable with SaaS & cloud solutions. However, SaaS and cloud deals raise many complex legal issues that need to be thoroughly negotiated and documented in agreements. In this session, lawyer, author, negotiator and frequent speaker on negotiating SaaS & cloud deals Mark Grossman will give you the benefit of what he learned in his 30 plus years as a negotiator. In this session Mark Grossman, an accomplished technology lawyer, will speak to the unique customs, usages, and norms of SaaS & cloud deals, and the particular provisions that are critical to agreements in this area. The discussion will include issues common to SaaS & cloud agreements including intellectual property, warranties, and limitations of liability.

Points Mark will cover include:

Key provisions that should be included in every SaaS & cloud contract

How limitation of liability clauses can emasculate SaaS & cloud agreements

How to protect your data in the cloud

How intellectual property provisions in SaaS & cloud agreements can be a trap for the unwary

Strategies to keep your SaaS & cloud agreements out of court

Negotiating SaaS & cloud agreements that communicate the deal in clear, simple and unambiguous terms, reducing risk to your enterprise

Who Should Attend:

Business professionals, computer professionals and information managers who need to keep up-to-date with the dramatic changes in this area.

CIOs, CTOs, CFO, the entire C-Suite and VPs.

Procurement professionals involved in technology related procurement.

Technology company sales teams.

Technology and IP lawyers, in-house counsel and outside counsel, and all lawyers who need to be on the cutting edge of technology related deal negotiation.

Mark will leave the audience with:

If one hour program - Enhanced ability to spot and intelligently discuss the hot button issues in SaaS & cloud deals.

If two hour program or longer - Also leave with enhanced knowledge of industry norms and template language suggestions the audience can use in its own its deals.